We Are Nature: Remembering What the Land Is For

Many of us live in a world in which our sense of duty and obligation to a linear way of thinking overrides our deeper intuition and good judgment regarding life and what we believe to be true. This deeper truth is that we are who we are, not despite nature, but because of it.

To make our world whole again we need to re-engage in an environment in which nature, including what feels most natural within ourselves, serves as the dynamic central force to which all else is related.
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The Roots of Aliveness: The Art of Regenerative Leadership

We are like islands separated on the surface
but connected in the deep

William Blake

It has often been said that our span of awareness is a mile wide and an inch deep. The quality of our deeper life is frequently overlooked in our efforts to cope the daily demands and expectations of our outer life. One enabling metaphor that helps us look at this is the ecology of a tree. The outer life is symbolized by the leaves and branches – they correspond to a life of reactivity and busyness – of action plans, performance goals, desired outcomes and results. Continue reading

Where is Home? Leadership and the Soul of Placemaking

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place. Your bright gaze will kindle this old shadow world to Blaze up once again with the fire of faith.

— Rumi, One Song

We are shifting from the industrial age and the age of information and technology to the biological age where we are asking how do we create spaces for life to happen and align our thinking with how nature thinks. In my new book The Soul of Place I explore how our relationship with place in nature, art and community deepens our connection with the core energetic patterns that form the undercurrents of life and living systems.

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