Soil, Growth and The Art of Conversation

The American poet Robert Frost observed that our ideas are like seeds. “To flourish, when we harvest, we must not consume them all but turn some back to the earth to be transformed to compost in order to further enrich the soil. Out of one idea grows another…and that also is turned under. The seeds that are finally offered is the result of a patient waiting upon the gift – and it grows in response to the months of patient turning and building of the soil.” (From Robert Frost; A Life. (Jay Parini)
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A new leadership renaissance?

As we move into a new year, we are also moving from seeing our world as a machine to seeing it as a garden – a living ecosystem. And that’s a shift of mindset that will bring with it a new leadership renaissance. This will be an age of aliveness and promise – a time of discovering a new harmony within ourselves and with life. As this renaissance unfolds we may see several patterns emerge…

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