A gift from a stranger

That which is truly our own is often so close to us we don’t know it’s there. So it is often the stranger who sees our unique destiny and the path to true fulfillment that we cannot see for ourselves.
In our childhood imagination the stranger comes in many guises. They may appear as the bold knight on a great white stag, the ancient crone on the darkened forest path or the clownish fool who speaks truth to power in the king’s court.

The stranger came to me one evening in the form of an old man, bent and grey, who weaved towards where I sat playing a piano in a hotel lobby,a glass of red wine precariously perched between the thumb and the forefinger of his left hand. Once at the piano he slipped into the easy chair beside the instrument, sipped slowly from his wine glass and listened closely with his eyelids shut as I played. Read the full article on the management-issues website.